Kitchen Reforms

A kitchen is the focal point for the home and all things family orientated. It is also the busiest room in the house.

There is no limit to the endless creativity we can provide for you using the experience of our kitchen outlet partners.

If you are looking for brilliant ideas for your next kitchen renovation and best building practice in Marbella, Malaga or throughout the Costa del Sol, we can help you transform a tired and old kitchen to the real family centre of the home that it should be.

Good Design Never Goes Out of Style

Often the use of the available space is under utilised and the functionality of the kitchen is compromised. Not only does this equate to a kitchen that is difficult to move around-in but will add to a lack of aesthetics and so the kitchen is unappealing and uninviting.

Opening up the available space, improving the lighting as well as the obvious things such as renewing the kitchen and changing the kitchen tiles will greatly add to a more welcoming environment within the kitchen.

The vast range of slate, marble and granite work surfaces that are so competitively priced here in Spain compared to Northern Europe can transform your new kitchen into something truly special.

Modern integrated kitchen appliances as well as beautiful kitchen sinks and taps, where once a major issue to source locally but have now become more competitive in price as well as choice. If this is your preference or a more traditional look of freestanding kitchen furniture, we can assist you in transforming your old and tired inherited kitchen.

Everything we do in the process of kitchen reforms is motivated by a full understanding of your needs. We create innovative, functional kitchens that have a timeless appeal and are built to last.

We work with you to develop your ideas and style and transform them into reality.

Contact us in English or Spanish to find out more about Kitchen Reforms in Malaga Province and the Costa del Sol and what we can do for you. LT Construction your professional English Builders in Malaga.