Gates and pillars should not only give your home a feeling of security and permanence but should also make a statement about you and your home. It’s the public face your home presents to the world. It doesn’t need to be over the top or ostentantaous, and the aesthetic approach can be either to subtly blend in with the surrounding environment, or conversely - given that many driveways are so far separated from the home - one can build an entrance which is unique.

Gate installation in Malaga

LT Construction builds all gates & pillar systems using ‘single unit’ design. This means that both pillars are connected together in a ‘U’ shape by reinforced concrete, which is then embedded deep into the ground. This method ensures that the pillars remain parallel and therefore the gates remain flush in the long term.

We often take calls form clients needing urgent repair of their gates which fall out of alignment as they are built using inferior methods to the one described above.

Contact us if you are considering a gate and pillar system for your home. We will assist you in designing and installing a gate system that offers security as well as creating a statement.