Electric pumps are a real necessity for those living in Spain. Most houses in the countryside require water to be pumped for one reason or another, whether for irrigation systems, swimming pools or your home from a water tank.

Pump system installation in Malaga, Spain

Choosing a pump system can prove fairly overwhelming due to the many variables involved, as listed below: 

- horse power required
- whether the pump should be a standard type or submersible
- distance from the source to the distribution area
- whether the distribution point is above or below the source
- volumes of water required
- amount of water pressure required

At LT Construction we use our purchasing power to source only the best quality pumps at the most economical prices, whether for self installation or when using our efficient and discreet installation services.

We would be happy to offer technical advice regarding your water pump requirements. Please use the links here to get in touch with us.