Pergola installation in Malaga, Spain

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The location of a Pergola is very important when choosing a design for your garden.

Most commonly a pergola will be attached to your house, or used as an outdoor room in the garden. You can also add a pergola to a large deck, patio, or next to a swimming pool.

Pergolas should be used to provide a focal point for the garden. A pergola can be used as an entrance to a large area in your garden or used as a transition from one outdoor space to another. Similar to a large arbor, pergolas provide shade, an open and airy outdoor space, and can be used to support climbing plants such as vines and roses.

Pergola installation in Malaga, Spain

Another thing to consider in your pergola design is the sun. Depending on how you place your top beams, you can create more or less light and shade. Wood is the most common material used, with cedar wood being the popular choice. Pergolas can also be constructed out of steel and aluminum using quality materials that ensure a long lasting structure. Try to incorporate some of the same colors and materials that are used in your home into your pergola. By installing a stone or wood floor, or adding built-in seating, or a table and chairs, permanent planters, and lighting will have created a stunning outdoor room.

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