Patio construction in Malaga, Spain

The outdoor patio of your home provides comfort, and extends the floor space of all gardens. Whilst adding to the aesthetics of your garden, patios also create ambience and add value to any property.

There are many aspects to patio design and one should carefully decide in advance how to arrange the patio and its additional features. Consideration should be given to the positioning of elements such as the barbeque, lighting, seating and dinning areas, the pergola and raised or sunken flower beds for example.

The materials used in the patio should mirror or compliment the materials used in the home. Continuity from interior to exterior spaces can be achieved with material links such as: bricks; pavers; concrete; stone, etc.

At LT Construction, we encourage you to view the patio as an adjustable element of your garden that demands a creative approach. We can help you design a patio space that is divided up intelligently - using various elements such as raised beds, sunken beds and planting etc - so that you can escape the traditional blandness of the flat and generic patio that is commonly built.