Landscaping design in Malaga

Landscape Design

From Sotogrande to Velez-Malaga, LT Construction has built beautiful landscapes for happy homeowners.

Landscape architects work with their clients during the conception, design and construction stages of a project.

Elements that need to be taken into consideration range from; climate and microclimate; topography and orientation; site drainage and groundwater discharge; native and exotic plants; property safety and security; through to the different disciplines of construction.

Landscaping design in Malaga

Gardens are dynamic rather than static spaces. After the construction and planting are completed, they will continue to evolve. Our involvement with landscape management and direction, evolution and care, always reflects the client’s needs and inclinations as they change over time.

Landscape architects share with garden designers a concern for the planning and design of outdoor space. As with the other interrelated landscape disciplines, there can be an overlap of services offered under the title of landscape architect. The range of work undertaken by landscape architects extends from detailed design to the broad scale landscape planning. Many landscape architects have an interest in and involvement with gardening, both personally or professionally.

When purchasing a villa, the outside living area can have been neglected and uncared for over an extensive period of time. Often overgrown, weed infested and lacking a proper irrigation system. Frequently badly designed and lacking in any character, it can be a daunting headache to even know where to begin. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to taken away, back to a clean slate. Working with the established trees and shrubs, the contours of the land and any outstanding natural features, a wholistic approach resulting in a harmonious and satisfying outdoor living space that matures and develops over time, with plenty of colour and interest and which is connected to the house rather than being separated from it should be the ideal.

Builders at LT Construction are passionate about landscape design and want to help you realise your dream of a garden that reflects your aesthetic tastes and functional needs.

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