House and Garden Reforms

LT Construction can assist you by turning your recently purchased home into something new that reflects your style and vision.

We have over 17 years of expertise in creating individual building solutions for our clients from Marbella and Estepona to Malaga, throughout Costa del Sol. A thorough understanding of our client’s needs and aspirations along with best builders practice will produce a beautiful, satisfying and enhancing home that will give pleasure for many years to come.

Understandably most people’s priority when purchasing their new home is the interior living space, reforming the kitchen, bathrooms and looking to update the general look by changing the floor tiles and general decor. The other areas that should be considered are the state of the electrics and whether they require upgrading to 3-phase from single-phase to deal with the additional demands that modern living puts on the electricity system in the home. The demands of Air-Conditioning and Kitchen Appliances often mean that the single-phase meter and fuses require upgrading to meet these requirements.

Windows that are too small and do not let in sufficient light, that are not double or triple glazed and do not allow for the often spectacular views to be appreciated when changed can transform the overall aspect of the home.

Making the property more Open-Plan by taking down interior walls to make the living area both more modern and airy can have a dramatic effect, even in a traditional Spanish Finca.

Changing the Interior and Garden Lighting can create an atmosphere that is both modern and relaxing but is an item that is often an afterthought and therefore poorly thought through and badly designed.

The Swimming pool and Outdoor Living Space do often take a reduced priority to the interior of the villa but this can be a mistake. People moving to Spain from Northern Europe often do not realise how much of living is done out-of-doors. The external living area and how it looks and is practically useable will have a dynamic effect on your quality of life and general wellbeing, enhancing the lifestyle that you have dreamed of when you first considered living in the Costa del Sol.

We offer a diverse selection of styles to accommodate any preference and budget. Whether you are looking for a traditional Spanish Finca style, Modern Townhouse or luxurious Mediterranean Villa, you will find a comprehensive selection of every style available.

If you haven’t decided on a style, we can use our extensive selection of previous builds and reforms to discover what resonates best with what you have in mind for your future home.

Contact us in English or Spanish to find out more about House and Garden Reforms in Malaga Province and the Costa del Sol and what we can do for you.