Your Perfect Garden Pathway

Pathways are essential for any landscape.

The garden path should lead you along a beautiful and approachable route. A garden path invites you into the garden and leads you through it. 

Garden paths are functional components used for getting people and garden implements from here to there without treading over muddy grounds or ruining a section of lawn by constant tread. Yet apart from function, garden paths can be designed attractively and placed strategically for their best possible use in your landscape and garden.

Your Perfect  Garden Path  - LT Construction build this creative garden path for the client in Malaga

Your Perfect Garden Path - LT Construction build this creative garden path for the client in Malaga

Your path to a perfect garden pathway begins with careful assessment. It is necessary to map out where a straight walk is required and perhaps where the Garden Path might twist and turn for a more aesthetic route around your landscape. Deciding on materials and width of the path sections is essential during the planning stage. Some garden paths, depending on how they are designed, can produce attractive effects for your garden. For instance, a garden path that zigzags through a narrow landscape may actually make it appear wider.

LT Construction builders will walk with you through the whole process and will lead you to a leisurely future, giving you the perfect garden pathway.

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“Lee Talbot has landscaped and designed my garden, swimming pool and terrace. My house is situated on a hill slope, so it was a difficult job, but he turned the rough area into a garden of Eden and made the land accessible by building some beautiful garden paths.

All the work was of high quality and very much to my satisfaction. Also very importantly he is a nice guy, as well as sending me photos with emails detailing the work progress. This was important as I don’t live in Spain.”